Born October 12, 1980. Tyler Clendenin lives in Tampa, FL. He has been a computer geek since he was 5 years old and has been programming just as long.

Tyler has been active in web development since 1996 and was GSL Solutions‘ second hire in 2001. Tyler has since been one of the main drivers of innovation behind GSL Solutions’ projects. He tirelessly pursues effective use of new technologies in GSL’s applications and websites. Specifically Tyler has built all intra-corporate tools, headed up development of GSL Solutions’ current Enterprise CMS offerings and fulfills a mentor role as a leader and senior member of the GSL Solutions team. Tyler is also responsible for most IT decisions and tasks, including setting up GSL Solutions cloud environment and local server infrastructure. Technical expertise, though the largest part of his contribution to GSL Solutions, is just one aspect of Tyler’s role at GSL Solutions. Tyler also assists with operational management and advises in organizational structure, as well as consults on business rules and procedures.

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  1. akos

    Hi Tyler, I have come across your post about managing iis 7 sites from coldfusion, I have been reading the msdn library about Microsoft.Web.Administration etc and got as far as using the correct assembly via cfobject but then I get stuck on invoking methods belonging to the classes.
    So far I have:

    This so far does not give me any errors and returns “somesite.com” which I thought worked but looking in iis 7 the site wasn’t created.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks

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